"I like to mix materials, together they gain sensuality. I designed 9 bag models by creating different
combinations – python and suede, calfskin and crocodile, ostrich or shagreen, and even crystals and
satin. I manage to compose perfectly unique pieces where the interior is as beautiful as the exterior."

Founded in 2016 by Jennifer Noble, the house embodies a heritage of exceptional quality, refined discretion and timelessness.

At the essence of Iris Noble lie three fundamental principles: Quality, Discretion and Timelessness.

Indeed, at Iris Noble, each piece is a work of art crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Carefully selected materials reflect our commitment to excellence and durability.

We believe in understated elegance, a sophistication that transcends ephemeral trends. Our creations are designed to stand the test of time, evoking a timeless beauty.

Each Iris Noble bag is unique, numbered and made in a limited edition by a one-of-a-kind craftsman, from the first sketch to the final touch. This guarantees not only exclusivity, but also incomparable quality.

Located on the outskirts of Paris, our workshops are home to exceptional craftsmen who perpetuate traditional artisanal techniques. Each bag is the fruit of meticulous work, celebrating the expertise and authenticity of French craftsmanship.

The creation of the IRIS NOBLE collection is based on an ethical vision centered on the use of surplus skins, but of the highest quality.each choice is guided by meticulous attention to texture, color and rarity, ensuring that each bag tells a unique story.

Iris Noble's pride also lies in local sourcing. All metal parts are sourced from French family-run companies, reinforcing our commitment to community and quality craftsmanship.

Jennifer Iris Noble, founder and artistic director, infuses each creation with her passion for art, her constant search for originality and her love of detail. Each model is meticulously designed to combine sophistication and practicality, meeting the needs of the woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Welcome to the world of Iris Noble, where every bag is a timeless work of art, crafted for the woman who appreciates exclusivity and uncompromising quality.